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Monday, September 26, 2011

Step by step "Study of a Girl"

Step by step charcoal.

I started by dusting the surface with charcoal powder.

I used vine charcoal in the darks and erasing for the lights.

I wanted to work out the face first to use as a reference for the rest of the piece.

Another charcoal powder dusting for the dark portions.

I removed some of the charcoal powder with a paper towel.

Finished. "Study of a Girl" charcoal on paper 16x20

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Step by step of "John"

I am including a step by step of the charcoal drawing "John".

I began by covering the surface of the paper with charcoal dust followed by a dusting of acetone.
I then began to work into the mid tones erasing for the lights and adding charcoal for the darks.
In this stage I focused more on composition by removing the surrounding charcoal with a paper towel.
The dark values were added with a round paint brush dipped in acetone and powdered charcoal and then applying it to the paper.
Finished stage "John". The paper used is Strathmore 400 3-ply smooth.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Masters Portrait DVD lowered price

I have lowered my charcoal DVD "Masters Portrait" to $59.00.
Click the link below to order.
Thanks to everyone for your past support.

Step by step "Allure"

I thought it would be interesting to include a step by step. This painting is a 40x50 and it titled "Allure"

Step 1. Using the medium ( 1part stand oil, 1 part Damar Varnish, 5 parts triple rectified turp)
I washed ultramarine blue deep and cadmium orange to neutralize the value of the canvas and to create an interesting surface to work on.

Step 2. I was careful to suggest the layout of the figure and chair.

Step3. I then started to lay in the value and suggest color.

Step4. Now that I have established the darkest darks and lightest lights I can begin with the serious paint and go in for the drawing.

Step 5. I continue to block in value and color
Step6. Work on the face is finished

Step7. I use the work in the face as a guide of finish to move across the canvas.

Step8. I am now focused on color and edge

Step9. At this stage I completely repainted the face as I was not happy with the attitude and implied line of the head before. In this stage I am also experimenting with the background as I have no reference for it.

Step10. This is the final image. I ended up painting the background green to support the red chair. I also added the picture in the upper left and the open door or hall on the right of the canvas in order to help guide the eye and help the composition.
"Allure" 40x50 oil on canvas

Saturday, September 17, 2011

October Workshop Full

My 5-day figure painting workshop is full. Thanks to all who signed up.
I will be posting future workshop dates soon.

Weekend with the Masters images.

Drink before the sketch. Only the masters can drink Gamsol.

Rose Frantzen painting

Richard Schmid painting Alexey Steele. Perfect likeness.

Richard Schmid Painting Alexey Steele.

Quang Ho and Daniel Sprick painting.

Discussion panel. Topic - What is Beauty? Definitive or subjective.

Nancy Guzik painting

Lunch with Glenn Dean and friends

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