Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drawing show in Arcadia Gallery

I am honored to be included in Arcadia Gallery's first-ever all-drawing show. The opening is this Saturday from 4-6pm. (51 Greene St. NYC) The show will also include 60 drawings from some of the finest artists today.

My pieces "In a Dream" and "Another Face to Wear" will be on display at the show. I hope you can make it out!

 "Another Face to Wear"

 "In a Dream"


  1. More amazing drawings!

    I must tell you, you are a huge inspiration to me. I love your style of realism, and yet not the regular, boring photo-realism.

    Wish I could go see your show! :)

  2. The out of focus effect is wonderful!

  3. I really love the softness in the first pictures. It's very lovely and subtle.